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美国Hi Teeth牙齿美白产品介绍


Hi Teeth美白产品不同于传统牙齿美白的刺激与伤害,无需为美白忍受酸涩与痛楚。产品以优质温和的原料配方,杜绝动物提炼以及防腐剂对于人体的敏感刺激,17%纯净HP美白元素成就美白功效,温和保护牙齿表面与牙龈,真正做到接近“0”刺激,有效美白牙齿的同时更能加固牙釉质,减少口腔细菌与牙菌斑的生成,让体验者享受安全与舒适的美白过程。

Hi Teeth美白产品与技术源自美国实验室的研究成功,以优质温和的原料配方从源头上保证了低敏不易刺激,美白产品在美国食品药品管理局FDA取得注册,同时在中国取得国家药品监督局的进口医疗器械注册证(注册证号:国械注进20203170208),并全面通过细胞毒性、迟发性超敏反应实验、口腔黏膜刺激检测、急性全身毒性测试、过氧化氢浓度、PH值、表面显微硬度、有毒物质限量、微生物限度、表面腐蚀等检测,保证了Hi Teeth产品对于人体的安全性.

Hi Teeth whitening products are different from traditional teeth whitening because it will not create any irritation and damage to the teeth therefore client of Hi Teeth no longer need to endure the soreness or pain during or after the whitening treatment. The product is formulated with high-quality and mild raw materials to eliminate the sensitive stimulation to human body , It is made with 17% pure HP whitening elements to achieve whitening effect while gently protect the surface of teeth and gums. At the same time, it can strengthen the enamel, reduce the formation of oral bacteria and dental plaque . Hi Teeth vision and mission is to let the experiencer enjoy a safe and comfortable whitening process.

What make HI teeth safe?

Hi Teeth's whitening products and technology are derived from the successful research of American laboratories. The high-quality and mild raw material formula ensures low sensitivity and not easy to stimulate from the source. The whitening products have been registered by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA and the National Drug Administration in China. Imported medical device registration certificate (registration certificate number: 20203170208), and fully passed the cytotoxicity, delayed hypersensitivity test, oral mucosal irritation test, acute systemic toxicity test, hydrogen peroxide concentration, PH value , Surface microhardness, limit of toxic substances, limit of microorganisms, surface corrosion and other tests ensure the safety of Hi Teeth products to the human body.

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