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Essential to daily beauty routines, colored creams come in three different formats: BB Cream, CC Cream and DD Cream. Discover how they differ and what they can do for your skin.

The world of make-up and cosmetics is ever expanding and these days, we have countless products to choose from. But do we know which are best suited to our tastes, preferences and skin type?

Colored creams have landed on the market, gaining public loyalty thanks to the fact that they are multi-functional products that can keep up with our daily life. There are three types of colored creams, and countless brands have created their own in recent years, adding to this global trend.

So, if you are searching for a colored cream for your daily life, you should know that there are 3 types: BB Cream, a moisturizing cream with a subtle touch of color; CC Cream, which provides more coverage than the last; and DD Cream, the latest addition to colored creams and the most complete, since it evens skin tone and also contains anti-aging active ingredients and features, antioxidants and/or sunscreen.

Today, we’ll introduce their properties and we’ll tell you in more detail why it’s a good idea to choose a DD Cream, and their benefits for your daily life. What do BB Creams, CC Creams and DD Creams do?

The first colored cream was born in 1967 and was created by the beautician Christine Schrammeck, with the need to cover facial imperfections. Its name was Original Blemish Balm and when the 1980s arrived, it became an essential for Korean women, consequently being called BB Cream. From this moment, a new product concept was born.

Years later, Christine’s daughter, a dermatologist and allergist, continued to develop the formula, which later became the basis of all BB Creams across the world. 

BB Cream, or Blemish Balm Cream, is a rapidly absorbing colored moisturizing cream with a light coverage and smooth texture, which usually corrects small imperfections such as redness, impurities and pores.

After BB Cream came CC Cream, with the need to meet the requirements of an ever more demanding public. CC Cream is a colored cream with more coverage, which evens skin tone more effectively.

CC Cream, or Color Correcting Cream, is a colored cream which provides medium moisturization and usually gives more coverage than BB Creams, similar to make-up. They provide luminosity and correct sallow tones, evening skin tone and providing a silky finish, free from imperfections.

In 2013 the first DD Cream came into existence, a type of cream with very full color, which includes the features of BB Cream and CC Cream, together with anti-aging functions, antioxidant ingredients and a sun protection factor. The multi-functional product par excellence!

Aside from having a moisturizing base and corrective tone, DD Creams provide extra hydration and nourishment, and long-lasting preventative care against pollution, the sun and skin aging. Perfect for your daily urban life!

These colored creams even tone with a natural finish, correct imperfections and expression lines, and provide medium coverage and a rapidly absorbed light texture.

Therefore, DD Creams are ideal for all skin types, especially for those who want a multi-functional action: protection, evening skin tone and other functions to treat the skin, such as anti-aging, moisturizing, nourishing, firming, etc.

Urban Protect DD Cream: Discover it and fall in love with it.

You can find CASMARA’s DD Cream in the Urban Protect category, a true revolution in colored creams, for daily skin defense.

It is a new multi-functional anti-pollution and anti-aging cosmetics concept, which has a hint of color and the innovative MULTILIGHT TECHNOLOGY (S.P.F 30, UVA-UVB and artificial light) to protect and treat the skin, evening tone with a natural finish. Perfect skin in just one step!

It melts and adapts to the skin tone, achieving a natural finish. It revitalizes the face, boosting its luminosity, minimizes imperfections and evens skin tone in just one step, providing a smooth, velvety texture.

Thus, it also has immediate and long-lasting anti-aging benefits, thanks to its formula with anti-aging active ingredients. It reduces the first visible signs of aging and stimulates new collagen and elastin production, which keep the skin supple, firm and toned.

Urban Protect DD Cream contains a fluid texture which adapts to the tone, instantly melting into the face to perfect it. It is ideal for all skin types. A new multi-functional cosmetics concept which cares for your skin as you enjoy your daily life!

This season, CASMARA is launching an excellent pack which contains this DD Cream, together with Anti-pollution Micellar Water with a 20% discount.

The Urban Protect Anti-pollution protocol is the ideal every-day protection, and perfect for urbanites!

Follow our blog very closely so that you don’t miss any information, as well as news regarding products and treatments, with which you can get the perfect skin that you want so much.

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