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CASMARA: Caring for your skin for more than 45 years

“For more than 45 years of love for what we do, where the driving force of our company has been family and the most important ingredient of our formulas is passion. Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you!”

CASMARA was born from an exciting story created by the union of Águeda García and José Sequí, and their efforts, sacrifice and passion for cosmetics. Together they have built a prestigious brand, which is flourishing 45 years later, with important values such as family, tradition, union, commitment, passion, cutting-edge, innovation and quality.

CASMARA: A different way of telling the best story

In 1974, CASMARA was born: the fruit of the business knowledge of the brand’s founder, José Sequí, and the passion for cosmetics felt by his wife and founding partner, Águeda García.

She had been a cosmetics lover from a very young age, so years later, she studied aesthetics and with a degree under her belt, she was convinced to enter the world of cosmetics, and devoted to her, José left everything.

In 1974, they bought a humble bankrupt company, located in small ground floor premises. They built their own laboratory, where they prepared creams with unique personalized formulations, thereby laying the foundations for what CASMARA would become.

“We are one of the few cosmetics companies who can claim to have always manufactured their own formulations.”

In 1979, under the slogan “cosmetics without limits”, they created the unique and genuine Algae Peel-Off Facial Mask, “the mask par excellence”. It has been in demand across the world ever since and has become their star product.

Since then, the Valencian company, sector pioneers on several occasions, has experienced many successes.

  • Lots of effort, dedication and perseverance helped them to achieve success and roll out their brand in all corners of the world during the 1980s.

Nowadays, their professionalism and quality are well-known and established in 4 continents, currently in more than 60 countries across the world.

Now CASMARA COSMETICS is a family company, which the couple runs today with their children. With the same passion and enthusiasm with which the company was created in its early days. It couldn’t be any other way.

CASMARA: Cosmetics without limits 

For 45 years, CASMARA’s mission has been to become the beauty ally of its customers, helping them to be the best version of themselves, providing real cosmetics made with passion and commitment, and ensuring quality in each of its formulas.

“Our products are created for you and the needs of your skin!”

  • To be a reference in the innovation, research and development of new technologies is the main goal, always pushed by the main driving force, which is family, and inspired by the tradition and experience of the brand.

The most important ingredient in CASMARA’s formulas is passion. The key to the efficacy of the products is quality. The basis of success is commitment and perseverance. The leitmotif is that you find the best version of yourself. The result of all this effort is real cosmetics.


You might ask yourself, what is so special about the CASMARA cosmetics brand?

- Success, the quality of the products, and effort and perseverance have led to CASMARA being present in over 60 countries across the world today and continuing to experience rapid growth.

Backed by sector experience, excellence and cutting-edge technology, “45 years of innovative cosmetics in the derma cosmetics sector, to be your skin’s best ally!”

- Laboratory, R+D+I and production areas which allow the brand to manage all phases involved in creating its cosmetic products, managing the product creation process from start to finish, based on COMMITMENT, QUALITY AND EXCELLENCE.

- Creators of the original and exclusive Algae Peel-Off Mask, known across the world for their many benefits, which provide an intense moment of relaxation and well-being.

- Exclusive personalized Professional Treatments in concentrated single dose phases with the right amount of active ingredients to achieve greater effectiveness.

- Products which make a difference. Exclusive personalized Professional Treatments in concentrated single dose phases with the right amount of active ingredients to achieve greater effectiveness. From the beginning, “the mask par excellence” has been in demand across the globe, becoming the brand’s star product.

- Cosmetics which provide proven results from the first application, backed by medical studies.

- Continuous training for beauty professionals, enabling greater specialization and knowledge of product application techniques, ingredients, product actions, sales techniques and marketing to boost their business, etc.

Choosing CASMARA means choosing confidence, choosing quality!

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