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CASMARA: Ocean Miracle Treatment with Wakame Seaweed

WAKAME SEAWEED: Learn about its benefits and properties

Wakame Seaweed has incredible health benefits, both by eating it and applying it to our skin. It’s essential to know how to get the most from it to enjoy its many properties. Today we’ll tell you all about it in CASMARA Beauty Secrets.

Wakame Seaweed is a natural ingredient which has become very fashionable in recent years and has started being used in both foods and cosmetic products. Originally from Japanese waters, this seaweed has been harvested for millennia in Japan and Korea and has undoubtedly become the most consumed seaweed in the West. Currently, it is present in many parts of the world, but why has it become so popular, and what are its properties? When we include Wakame Seaweed, not only in our diet but also in our beauty routine, we get many benefits for our health and that of our skin. We’re inviting you to discover them all.

Wakame Seaweed: the secret of the ocean

  • Wakame Seaweed is an incredibly beneficial plant for skin health, a gift from the sea which acts by providing unique effects to the face:

- It firms: it helps to stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production, increasing the skin’s elasticity and helping to achieve a smoother, firmer face. These components are part of the Extracellular Matrix, which is responsible for the skin’s firmness.

- It rejuvenates: it boosts cell regeneration in the skin, providing a smoothing, rejuvenating effect.

- It hydrates: it gives the skin the ability to retain water to hydrate, revitalize and increase its brightness, plumpness and shine.

CASMARA: Ocean Miracle Treatment with Wakame Seaweed

In a youthful face, the cheeks are firm, and the facial contour is defined. With age, cheeks lose their firmness, the lower part of the face stretches, and the facial contour loses definition. Wakame Seaweed extract helps to prevent the “Triangle of Beauty” from becoming inverted.

Discover the Ocean Miracle treatment and its use-at-home Hydra Lifting range, a complete collection which responds to the latest developments in scientific research to provide an ultra-firming result to the skin.

Ocean Miracle is a paraben- and silicone-free natural cosmetics collection which, with the benefits of Wakame Seaweed and Quinton sea water, delivers innovative and super-effective properties in skincare.

Besides Wakame Seaweed, its active ingredients include: HyadisineTM, a powerful 24-hour moisturizing active ingredient which retains 97% more water than hyaluronic acid; JUVENESSENCE®: a rejuvenating active ingredient extracted from Alaria Esculenta seaweed, which stops and reverses cellular aging (cell-detox); and SEA WATER CONCENTRATE: revitalizing and toning marine plasma.

After two weeks of beauty care with OCEAN MIRACLE, skin is rejuvenated: 85% more toned, 90% firmer and 70% more hydrated.

More CASMARA products with Wakame Seaweed

At CASMARA we also have Wakame Seaweed extract in our exclusive Ionizable Ocean Miracle Mask, the world’s first ionizable mask. A next generation anti-aging and firming mask.

Discover in Rose D-tox Super Concentrate precious Wakame molecules which boost the lifespan of cells. This extraordinary long-lasting action active ingredient protects the mitochondrial DNA thanks to it reducing the formation of free radicals. Long-term, a noticeable increase in the skin’s antioxidant ability is produced, thanks to its fucoxanthin content which counteracts oxidative stress, preventing the appearance of the signs of aging at all levels.

Wakame Seaweed is synonymous with smooth, supple, firm and youthful skin. Who can resist that?

Enjoy the secrets of the ocean on your skin, CASMARA’s knowledge and passion for cosmetics, and care for your skin like never before!

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