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Get to know the ingredients of your skin care products

Surely, there are active ingredients that sound familiar to you, however…Do you know the effects they have on the skin?

Our face creams are made of active ingredients responsible for its efficacy. Therefore, if we are acquainted of these assets and how they act, it’ll be much easier to know if they meet the need of the skin that worries us…

1.- VITAMIN C -  Firming, lightening and antioxidant .

Vitamin C gives us protection against the toxicity of UVA and UBV radiation. It is an ideal protector against free radicals and the oxidative molecules that cause spots, freckles and blemishes. It increases self-defense against oxidative stress, what makes it helpful as a photo protective and repairer of photo damage. When applied on the skin, helps to improve the tone and texture significantly.

Vitamin C has a lot of properties, but its effect will depend on its concentration and formulation. This will determine to what level of the skin it acts: At a superficial level it acts as a powerful antioxidant; at a medium level it has lightening properties; at a deeper level it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin that help to firm the skin.

CASMARA TIP: Choose products made with Vitamin C BIOAVAILABLE, as it contains enzymes able to break the most superficial molecules of the skin that can penetrate into a deeper level and release the vitamin where we need it the most. It is advisable to choose products that contain the ideal type and concentration of vitamin C. This is because Vit-C when exposed to oxygen and sunlight, starts the oxidation process immediately and loses effectiveness.

2.- COENZYME Q-10 - Energy for your Cells.

Very often we don’t know why despite applying all types of creams, our face looks dull and lifeless. There is a reason--- Coenzyme Q-10 is found in every cell in our bodies, however, here come the bad news…The passage of time, stress, the exposure to free radicals, etc, diminish the levels of CoQ10 and our body is less able to produce new cells. As a result: our skin loses its energy and brightness.

THE SOLUTION Coenzyme Q10 is a natural active ingredient that transforms nutrients into energy for the cells; it protects collagen and elastin from damage, delaying the apparition of wrinkles and flaccidity. With the regular use of face creams that contain CoQ10 we can delay significantly the process of aging. It is an antioxidant soluble in liquids, therefore it is able to penetrate deeper in the skin. It has a direct effect on the regeneration of collagen and the production of hyaluronic acid, providing firmness to the skin and protecting it from further damage.

CASMARA TIP The daily use is the key! we need at least three months of daily use to get visible effect.

3.- AQUA SHUTTLE® - Long-lasting moisturizer

Dehydration is the main cause of the apparition of wrinkles and skin flaccidity. That’s why we should look for actives that allow us to hydrate our skin properly…

THE SOLUTION… AquaShuttle® represents a new concept in the field of moisturizing products. It is the result of the advanced encapsulation. It is able to imitate the skin natural hydration taking as a reference the diatoms, a unicellular type of algae found in marine ecosystems whose nature and structure allows the encapsulation of active ingredients in the core. It is an innovative active that can encapsulate moisturizing ingredients and free them lengthily in the skin, ensuring an efficient and long-lasting hydration.

CASMARA TIP: Our advice is: if you have oily skin, before choosing your face cream, make sure that the active ingredients are the most appropriate. It is important for you to choose creams free from lipids, otherwise you’ll get the opposite effect. For an optimal result, it is recommendable to choose specific creams or to know what the right active ingredients for this skin condition are. Aqua Shuttle® will be a good ally for this skin type.

The undesired expression lines are always lurking, but…why do they appear and what can we do to fight them without turning to surgical procedures? ...

The continuous contraction of the facial muscles accelerates the apparition of expression lines, so the relaxation of these muscles will delay the apparition of wrinkles. Here is where the actives that work to relax these muscles play an important role, in order to give our skin an even tone, improving and preventing the apparition of fine lines…

You may have thought about Botox, although, it paralyzes the muscle, blocking the transmission of the nerve signal that can have side effects. As opposed to that, Argireline® is an anti-aging active ingredient that represents an alternative to Botox much safer and gentle to the organism and yet really effective. It works by relaxing facial muscles; smoothing repetitive facial movements. Face creams and treatments that contain this active, are a great alternative for those who can’t stand injections and don’t wish to undergo to more invasive procedures.

CASMARA TIP The good news is that we can apply it on any area of the face without danger. Apply it without missing any single corner of the face! It works really well to plump the fine lines around lips and eyes.

5.- JUVENESSENCE® - Rejuvenating effect

With the passage of time, skin accumulates proteins (progerin) which cause the deceleration of the proper functioning of cells. This protein allows the activation of the accelerated aging of skin stem cells and its tissues.

THE SOLUTION Juvenessence® is a powerful rejuvenating active ingredient of marine origin that delays the effects of aging thanks to its action over the proteins accumulated in the skin stem cells. It is an active ingredient which stops and reverts cell aging (Cell-Detox). Cells work again like the ones from a younger skin.

6.- WAKAME Seaweed - Natural Ultra Firming

The undesired facial flaccidity appears on the face when collagen and elastin (fibers that hold the skin), stop functioning properly. The passage of time also contributes to the loss of subcutaneous fat and, obviously, it is reflected on our skin.

THE SOLUTION Wakame seaweed is a firming and rejuvenating active that activates 14 genes responsible for the firmness of the skin. It is well-known in Japan as a “concentrate of life”. Its effects help diminish the wrinkles on the forehead, on the nasogenian furrows and the fine lines around the lips (the beauty triangle). It helps reconstruct the extracellular matrix and the hyaluronic acid…Its capacity for survival derives in its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities that slow down the process of aging. As a Result: A youthful and firm skin

CASMARA TIP Besides the fact that we can apply it on the skin thanks to skin care products, our piece of advice is to introduce Wakame seaweed in your daily diet little by little. It has such positive dietary properties that it’s a shame not to get benefit from them. It has an excellent assimilation of nutrients: minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids and trace elements. It is a truly hyper-nutritious cocktail!

7.- GOJI BERRY –  Antioxidant – Prevents the appearance of fine lines

Make our skin maintain its natural state and its youthful appearance despite the passing years is not an easy task. Vitality is lost and wrinkles and the first signs of aging appear.

THE SOLUTION Goji Berries… a millenary natural active with a high antioxidant power… the fruit that promotes longevity. It helps protect the skin from external agents, at the same time that balances its natural state, delaying and preventing aging and eliminating the first signs of aging.

CASMARA TIPS Take note. The regular intake of Goji Berries, not only helps you get glowing skin, but also protects your heart and immune system thanks to its high content in Zinc and vitamins (A, B y C)

8.- HYADISINE – Maximum hydration

It is not the same to hydrate than to keep the right level of hydration on the skin. Our skin needs constant hydration to keep and reestablish the right levels of water. Our body produces and retains water naturally, however over the years it gradually loses this ability and the level of hydration is affected.

THE SOLUTION HYADISINE is an anti-aging ultra-moisturizing active of marine origin that retains 97% more water in the skin that hyaluronic acid. This mighty active, offers immediate and prolonged hydration, at the same time that provides the skin with an effective anti-aging care.

9.- SEA WATER – Marine plasma – Revitalizing and invigorating

Sea water is known for its revitalizing and invigorating effect, thanks to its high content of trace elements.

Sea water contains 72 trace elements and its composition is similar to our blood plasma. It has a formidable antibiotic power and, due to its mineral identity and the provision of prebiotic elements, reestablishes the overall cellular functioning of the body.

It increases in 450% fibroblasts activity, which are able to synthesize collagen, thus the skin is getting firmer skin. Moreover, as if this was not enough, improves in 300% keratinocytes activity, reinforcing the protective barrier of the skin.

10.- GLYCOLIC ACID – Renew your skin!

The sun provides us with a lot of energy and makes us feel good. Nevertheless, sun overexposure has undesirable effects as it dehydrates the skin and leads to the appearance of spots, uneven tone and imperfections.

THE SOLUTION: Glycolic Acid. It is found in cane sugar and that’s why it is considered a natural product. Its properties make it an excellent exfoliant and natural moisturizer. It penetrates deep in the skin helping to peel the layers of dead cells that are accumulated on the surface, improving its appearance and texture significantly. It smooth the skin micro relief and renews cells from the inside. It also renews the skin leaving it free from imperfections as well as blurs wrinkles, blemishes and any type of spots.

CASMARA TIP The glycolic acid acts at deeper levels and may be the key to what you were looking for to improve the health and beauty of your skin. When combined with Lactic Acid (acting at an intermediate level) and Salicylic Acid (acting at a superficial level) it is amazing! THE RESULT: A youthful and glowing complexion.

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